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The mission of Nehemiah International University is to create transformational leaders by providing a top quality liberal arts education and subsequent degree for people in all around the globe using the latest technology and advanced teaching techniques. Provided in a comfortable, safe learning environment at little or no out-of-pocket cost to the student.

Tuition and Fees (US Online Only)

The tuition for full-time study at the Bachelor's level is set at or near the Maximum Pell Grant.  For 2021 that amount is $6375 for 2 semesters of study.  Per credit tuition and fees is $212.50 per credit hour.

Tuition for Master's program is $335 per credit hour.

*Students are required to have an adequate computer for their course of study and will need to purchase all books online unless otherwise provided.

Tuition and Fees (On-Campus in Central America)

While only 100 students are accepted each year at our on-campus location, all tuition and fees, room and board, books etc is paid for through a scholarship program.  Students at the on-campus location are required to live on-campus Monday to Friday during semesters and 1 weekend per month.. 

All graduate programs are though are US Online location..

Study On-Campus in

Central America