Master's Degree Programs

(Note: Master's degrees are offered online and are a US degree.)

Master's Degree in International Management

Course                                                                                  Credits

Advanced International Business
3 International
Economic Systems
3 International Accounting
3 Ethical
Issues in International Business 3 Advanced Finance 3 International Money and Banking 3

Business Analytics                                                                                       3

Elective 2
3 Thesis 12

                                                            Total                                   .36

Master's Degree in Accountancy

Course                                                                                    Credits

Advanced Auditing
3 Advanced
Controllership 3 Advanced Income
Tax (US taxes only)
3 Advanced
Computer Applications for
3 Governmental Accounting 3 Ethical issues in Accounting 3 Accounting Leadership 3 International Accounting 3
Advanced International Business 12

                                                                 Total                                 36

College of Business Studies

General Degree Requirements

All students are required to take 48 credits of general studies. The purpose of these courses is to prepare students for a successful college experience, develop skills needed for degree program requirements and to help the student develop into a person of scholar.

Course                                            Credits

Humanities                                          8 

Writing                                                 5

Leadership                                          30

Public Speaking                                 2

English                                                 33

Mathematics                                       12

Foundations for Success                  1

Introduction to Software                  4

Introduction to Business                  4

Business Writing                                4

Foundations in Programming          4                     

Accounting I                                        4

Office Protocol                                    3

Research Methods                             1

                                     Total                 115

* In order to declare a major course of study,          a student must complete the general degree requirements to be considered for program acceptance.  However, courses in a degree program may be taken once the foundation course has been successfully completed,

This page is for the Central American on-campus program ONLY.  For US based On-line programs click here.

Bachelor's Degree Concentrations

All majors in the business at the bachelor's degree require the completion of 5 Business Core Courses as follows:

Course                                                   Credits

Microeconomics                                      4

Macroeconomics                                     4

Finance                                                      4

Project Management                              4

Marketing                                                  4

                                                Total           20

Bachelor's Degree in Business

(Minor in Computer Science)

Course                                                                                Credits

Operation Systems                                                              4
Databases                                                                              4
Cloud Computing                                                                 4
Android Applications                                                           4
Websites and Website Management                               4
Financial Management for Business Technology          4
Business Process Management                                        4
Strategy and Planning                                                         4
Advanced Project Management                                        4
Organizational Development                                              4
Business Technology Thesis/Special Project                 8

                                               Total                                        48

Bachelor's Degree in Accounting

Course                                                        Credits (all courses 3 credits)

Accounting 2
Managerial Accounting
Intermediate Accounting 1
Intermediate Accounting 2
Computerized Accounting Systems
Non-Profit Accounting
Government & Banking Accounting
Advanced Accounting
Accounting for Insurance and Agriculture
Financial Analysis
Legislación Aduanera
Derecho Mercantil
Costeo Variable
Organización Contable
Derecho Tributario I
Contabilidad Bancaria
Contabilidad Gubernamental
Derecho Tributario II
Auditoría Fiscal
Auditoria Gubernamental
Contabilidad Agropecuaria y de Seguros


                                             Total                                     69    

Bachelor's Degree in Non-Profit Administration

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