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The mission of Nehemiah International is to create transformational leaders and support communities through innovative strategies.

2022 Graduation

The 2022 commencement ceremony was held on January 6th, 2023 at El Tabernaculo Biblico Bautista .

Nehemiah International

Hotel Vista Lago - Ilopango, El Salvador - Best Price Guarantee ( order for Nehemiah International University to continue our work offering premier educational opportunities to the economically challenged of El Salavdor at no costs to the student, we have partnered with local businesses to make our campus a revenue producing entity in addition to one for educational purposes..  This new model allows for a hotel, restaurant and call center, here on our campus,   Each of thes

e businesses re partially owned by the university, with a business partner to manage and operate them.  This gives the school economic security and allows us to grow to what God has called us to be...creators of transformational leaders.

Hotel Vista Lago  (For reservations, go to

Nehemiah International was started in 2011 with a focus on creating transformation in economically disenfranchised areas around the globe.  The primary focus began in El Salvador with the creation of a pilot project called Nehemiah International University (NIU).  A secondary focus throughout the years was on supporting communities through feeding programs, computer training and myriad other activities including dental and medical care.

The NIU project has been running since 2013 and has a 99% plus employment success with graduates, having created transformational leaders with excellent skills in professional areas as well as leadership and English as a second language. 

In 2023, NIU NIU is partnering with local universities to migrate the leadership program to a new and exciting method.  In this new program, Nehemiah will continue to provide leadership , English and spiritual training to students, but students will attend a local university for their professional studies.  As students are from poor areas outside of the capital city, attendance at the university, even with a 100% scholarship, is not possible due to lack of funds.  Therefore, students will live in houses provided by Nehemiah with support from a House Director.  Students will receive a Nehemiah scholarship of $120 per month plus meals and will be provided with books and access to computers at the houses.

The second program of Nehemiah is, and will continue to be Community Support.  This program has two focus areas.  The first is a clinic for medicine, dental and psychological health.  Second is training areas in key areas of need such as English as a second language and computer training (basic to advanced).Escribe aquí tu párrafo.

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