Technology Corridor

Nehemiah International is working with Casatic of El Salvador to develop a Technology Corridor from Soyapango to San Martin, as well as surrounding areas.

Through educational programming to prepare a workforce to provide quality IT services, as well as the encouragment of IT businesses in El Salvador and internationally to expand to the corridor, El Salvador is poised to become a hub of IT activity in the near future.

Participants in this project include:



IT Businesses

International Govermental Organizations


and many more.

The beautiful lake region of Lago de Ilopango is one of the least developed , high potential areas in El Salvador.

Our project, with partner ProLago, is seeking to work with the vast number of stakeholders thoughout the lake region to:

Develop a sustainbale economy.,

To clean and revitalize the are around the lake.

To encourage tourism and responsible, sustainable development.

To make Lago de Ilopango a safe and vibrant place to live and work.

Partnering with international non-profits and churches, teams stay on our campus while rebuilding houses in the poorest areas of San Salvador.

Each summer we encourage multiple groups to come and be involved in this exciting and fulfilling part of our ministry.

For more information on how to be involved, please go to our contact page and we will be happy to send discuss this with you in detail.

Other Services

Lake Development