Our Work at Nehemiah International

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To provide for the support of communities while creating transformational leaders, Nehemiah has two program areas:


Transformational Leadership Development



Having experienced the success of our program, we are partnering our program with a local university in El Salvador to combine their considerable resources with our program to create transformational leaders.   The new vision is to have the local  university provide for the degree oriented, professional studies toward a bachelor’s degree, while we will continue to provide training in leadership, ESL, and teach other important competencies, all in a new and innovative model.


The Model       


The new model in which Nehemiah International will operate starting in January 2025 attracts students located in extremely poor areas in El Salvador outside of the San Salvador metropolitan area; who are accepted to local universities; and who cannot attend due to lack of financial resources for housing, transportation, food and materials such as books etc.

Students will be accepted in cohorts of 20, will live in a house near the national university and will have supervision by a house director.  Each student will receive a scholarship of $120 a month plus books, meals and lodging. 

The scholarship will require the following:

Full-time enrollment in the national university.
Live full time, year-round (with vacation exceptions) in the house we provide.
Enroll in Nehemiah International’s leadership institute which will include studying courses for key competencies.  Key competencies include:

Ethical practice
Global and cultural perspective
Creativity and innovation
English fluency
Inquiry and critical thinking


Each house of 20 students will have a house director who will live on premises and hold students accountable for studying and successfully working through and eventually completing the 4-year program.


Evaluation Methods


Annual Assessment:

Nehemiah International has partnered with Next Job, an employment assessment agency, to develop measurement tools for each of the key competencies.  Using the rubrics for each competency (See appendix) the assessment will determine, on an annual basis (starting in their first month of study) if the student is on-track and is developing as an individual to ultimately meet each of the competency areas at an acceptable level.


Monthly Assessment:

The House Director will complete a monthly subjective assessment form for each student to consider how students are doing in a variety of areas.  These areas will include, but may not be limited to:

Personal discipline
Respect for others and for self.
Excellence in behavior and actions.
Living responsibly.
Ethical decision making and behavior toward others.
Work/life balance
Overall health and wellbeing.

This assessment, with any narrative the director believes is important, will be send to Nehemiah’s Executive Director.  The assessment committee will then meet to consider each evaluation and recommend any remedial steps to be taken to help the student achieve desired results.  The team members for this assessment are the Executive Director, staff psychologist, House Director, President of Nehemiah International, and others as deemed necessary).

Community Support


Using information gathered over the years on how to support our communities, Nehemiah International, in addition to the Transformational Leadership program, is focusing attention on two key areas.  The first is Health Services and the second is focused training to increase employment.


          Health Services


Nehemiah International has designed a clinic to place in a building on the campus property.  This building will focus on physical health, mental health and dental health for the economically disadvantaged in our surrounding communities. 

Currently, access to quality health care for our communities is lacking.  The only facility near enough to serve the communities is a state-run health care facility.  This facility has a very low standard of care and is overwhelmed by the numbers of sick it must see on a daily basis.

The Nehemiah Clinic will allow for communities to have access to non-emergency care and diagnostic services overwise unavailable to them.  There will be a full-time doctor and nurse on site daily, Monday-Friday and we anticipate serving 1,000’s of individuals per year.

In addition, dental and health care, mental health will also be a focus.  Nehemiah International has, on-staff, a full time, qualified psychologist who is working with individuals, couples and families in dealing with the challenges they face in everyday life.


          Training Courses


Most members of our surrounding communities have very little training beyond what they received in the public school system, which limits their ability to work in a formal job or to excel if they do have a formal job.[1]  Nehemiah International has, and will continue to step-in and give free courses to communities in English as a second language, basic and more advanced computer skills such as working with Microsoft Office and even teaching computer coding courses.  Each course will vary in length but is designed to help residents to move into good paying, formal positions such as in business, call centers, non-profits or government, just to name a few.

[1] Many, if not most of community residents work in informal jobs such as selling in small tiendas or working :of the books” for companies that under pay them and do not pay for any benefits such as retirement, social security, health care etc.Escribe aquí tu párrafo.